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Cream Cat CaveCream Cat Cave
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Cream Cat Cave

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Aquamaroon Cat CaveAquamaroon Cat Cave
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Aquamaroon Cat Cave

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Stone Grey Cat CaveStone Grey Cat Cave
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Stone Grey Cat Cave

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Forest Green Cat CaveForest Green Cat Cave
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Forest Green Cat Cave

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Rainbow Cat CaveRainbow Cat Cave
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Rainbow Cat Cave

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Royal Blue Cat CaveRoyal Blue Cat Cave
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Royal Blue Cat Cave

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Blue&White Cat CaveBlue&White Cat Cave
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Blue&White Cat Cave

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Black&White Cat CaveBlack&White Cat Cave
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Black&White Cat Cave

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Cantip Free Cat Felted Mouse Toys / 4-PackCantip Free Cat Felted Mouse Toys / 4-Pack
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Grey Cat Cave - LargeGrey Cat Cave - Large

Grey Cat Cave - Large

Cream Cat Cave - LargeCream Cat Cave - Large

Cream Cat Cave - Large

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The best

My cat is such a picky bitch and she absolutely loves this thing. Was taking it out of the plastic wrap it arrives in and fluffing it up and she was fighting me to crawl inside! She really is so picky and I’m just so excited I found something she clearly enjoys using

She loves it!

It’s super cute and she loves it. Shes a tiny cat so she has plenty of room.

Cat loves it

Cat loves the felt. And it's large enough for my big guy!!! It's going to be absolutely covered in fur in about 3s though. But worth the fur and cost.

Amazing cat bed! Highly recommend!!

This bed was an instant hit with my exotic shorthairs. All three of them can fit into this at the same time.They slept in it, on top of it, they just loved it.I will be getting two more so they each can have their own. Super happy with this bed. It’s soft for wool, looks very durable, and the size can fit the biggest of cats. Highly recommend!!!! ♥️🐈

Cats immediately loved this!

This cat likes to squish it and sit on top. The other cat likes to go inside.

LOVE this product!

I love this product and so does my cat - lol! She immediately walked right into it after we received it on Christmas Eve. And she also immediately started playing with the little mouse that came with it. I have to say the quality of that little mouse is just soooo well crafted. And the cave is obviously so beautiful with the two toned colors and the beautiful workmanship. Both beautiful products. I've seen these caves around social media and finally decided to buy one. My boss even has one for his cat. I might need to buy one for my mom's cat now. He loves to hide in small spaces. I also wanted to thank you for creating a product that is handcrafted. I 100% support this!

Cream Cat Cave
Amazon C.

I brought home two 3 month old kittens home a few days ago and the first thing they did was snuggle inside their felt cave! They also love to jump on top/sleep on top of it. Highly recommend purchasing, quality material.

My cats love it!

Both of my cats instantly wanted to get into the cave when it arrived. They love it. They’ve been taking turns sleeping in it. My bigger cat is 17 lbs and there’s lots of room for him.Definitely worth the purchase and glad I got it for them.

So far so good

So far so good its a hit out of all my kitties that have checked it out so far they love it and the mouse its also a fav

Our Feltcave Beds are Purrfect!

It took only seconds for KitKat and Earl Grey to climb in and get comfortable in their new Feltcave cat caves. I love the versatility of being a comfy cave or a flat bed. Doesn’t matter how long they sleep on top of it, it goes back to its original shape. Bought two already, planning to buy a few more.

Kittens adores it!!

As a new cat mom I am still trying to find solutions to my 11w kitten have fun and feel safe. Knowing that he needed a hideaway place, I searched for a product that would be not only safe but also from a company that is social and environmental responsible. I couldn’t be happier with this product! My kitten loves it! The cave is well done and the quality is superb! It looks great in our living room and we use it as a toy box in the evening. I highly recommend this brand and product!!

My cat jumped in as soon as I opened it!

As soon as I opened the Feltcave my cat jumped inside. He absolutely loves it! The material is sturdy and soft. The color is as pictured and is so vibrant! He also loved the mouse toy.

He loves his new toy mice !!

As soon as he saw it he grabbed it by the tail and off he went with his new toy ! He loves it. They come 4 in one pack so I gave him 2 and then I put the other 2 away for later , a good deal .!! He is happy , I am happy !!

Salem is obsessed! A must get item for the fur baby.

Rainbow Cat Cave
Shannon K.
Cave for a picky cat

I have bought so many cat beds and my cat wanted nothing to do with any of them. Until I bought her a feltcave. She loves it and I think it’s beautiful. What she may actually love even more, though, is the free felt mouse toy that comes with the feltcave. All night long I hear her playing with it - *shuffle, shuffle, thud; shuffle, shuffle, weird cat sound, thud. The weight of the toy is just like a real mouse and my cat’s animal instinct goes into overdrive! Thank you for making great products!

Both cats loved it.

Love the colors. Great place to hide out for a snooze

It is plenty big for my cat

It is well constructed, my cat loves it and it's a good place for her to hide and sleep.

Cat approved!

Within seconds of placing bed on floor, my cats inspected. Only my Maine Coon went in and got comfy. I bought two and this one had a larger opening but both work perfectly for my large cat. They loved the free mice too!

My cat loves this cat cave. It is here new safe space.

Rainbow Cat Cave
A kewl hideaway for the kitties!

My FURbabies are always climbing up under my blankets, so I thought they might like this. Within seconds of opening, all THREE were wrestling to get inside all at the same time! Nest is stiff enough to stay standing when not in use. The colors are PAWsome!! Definitely would recommend! We might be adding a second one to the kitty ensemble!

Cat Approved

My cat loves this cat cave. I bought it to put in a cat tent when we go camping to give her a "safe space" but she clearly doesn't understand how to use a cat cave. It started off so well. She adores jumping on it and then laying on it like a cat bed, currently preferring it to any of her 4 cat trees or cat wall hammock.

Stone Grey Cat Cave
Kimberly A.
My cat took to it right away

My cat immediately went in and is in heaven. I have 4 other cats who want to try it out but he won’t leave! May have to purchase more… love it! Worth the money!

amazing cat product!

if your or a friend's cat loves hiding in dark & enclosed spaces, the felt cave makes a great gift for them! the color range is very wide & our purchase came with a mouse toy that our cat really enjoys. the size is perfect & our cat spends so much time inside their new felt cave that it really made our purchase worth it :) would highly reccomend!

She loved it! As Advertised…

The minute I took it out of the bag and while I was trying to “fluff up” the cave for her due to it being compact for delivery, my 5 month old cat was all over it; rubbing, clawing, and playing with it.I threw it down on the couch and she jumped in immediately. I think she spent 10 mins of the first 2 hours of it setup outside to collect her toys and being it into the cave.I was surprised how much she loved it. I don’t know what it is, but there is something with the material cats love - supported by the reviews I’ve read.Worth the $ if you love your kittens.

Louie loves this cave

My 7 year old, 15 pound male rescue named Louie is hard to please. But I have to say he absolutely loves this. He plays in it every day. Sometimes he dives on it & it collapses but he loves that too. It’s easy to reshape. I toss a toy in there & he literally dives in. He never liked boxes like many cats do. I suggest this as an option for a hard to please cat.