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Cream Cat CaveCream Cat Cave
On sale

Cream Cat Cave

$49.99 $69.99
Aquamaroon Cat CaveAquamaroon Cat Cave
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Aquamaroon Cat Cave

$49.99 $69.99
Stone Grey Cat CaveStone Grey Cat Cave
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Stone Grey Cat Cave

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Forest Green Cat CaveForest Green Cat Cave
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Forest Green Cat Cave

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Rainbow Cat CaveRainbow Cat Cave
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Rainbow Cat Cave

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Royal Blue Cat CaveRoyal Blue Cat Cave
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Royal Blue Cat Cave

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Blue&White Cat CaveBlue&White Cat Cave
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Blue&White Cat Cave

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Black&White Cat CaveBlack&White Cat Cave
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Black&White Cat Cave

$49.99 $69.99
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Our cat stayed there for 7 hours in a row.

It was love at first sight for our cat. He sneaked into it the first moment he got a chance, and would spend hours in it every day. He is newly adopted, so we are very glad that this cave gives him the secure base he needs.

My cat Gia loves it

Gia loves the bed

Aquamaroon Cat Cave
Christine M.-.I.
Cat Cave for my Kitten

As a long time wool spinner & felter, I absolutely love this cat cave. And my kitten loves it too. Right after getting it out of the bag he jumped in and stuck his little head out. He's one happy kitten. It's made really well and will last a long time. I highly recommend one of these for your kitten, cats and even small dogs.


Bought this for my cat during her surgery recovery and she loved it.

Rainbow Cat Cave
Krystal R.

She loved it!

Fur-Kid Approved!

It seems both of my fur-kids love this cave! The one I bought it for was sleeping when I set it up, so his sister decided to take it for a spin. When he woke up and saw it he was a little leary to approach this strange new object; however, when he discovered his sister was asleep inside the fight was on! 🙂 He chased her out and claimed it. I really didn't think she would want one, but once I saw she liked it I ordered another one for her the next day! They are both happy campers now!

Stone Grey Cat Cave
Suellen I.S.
Durable, warm and well made.

I have had a stray cat that I have vetted and had spayed but refuses to be inside my home. So I ordered this feltcace cat bed for my porch. Within 10 minutes this catxwas inside. I had tried another bed and blanket as well as car carrier with blanket but she would have nothing to do with them. This is fabulous and cozy. Now I will be as worried this winter about her. It's very thick wool and very sturdy. Lots of color choices. Got a free wool mouse toy with order too. She loves it all!


She prefers to sleep on top of it. It arrived in flat and doesn't form the perfect dome shape like the product photo. I could've bought a regular cat bed.

Turned my cat into a hunter

This toy turned my sweet kitty into a mouse killing huntress! Lol! She LOVES these mice.she seriously goes crazy for this thing any toy that makes my kitty happy, makes me happy 3

Your cat needs this!

My spoiled cats love this great quality kitty bed! They also love rubbing their faces against the merino wool fabricthe bonus mouse toy was a fun surprise too! My one cat is a Mainecoon, she's a bigger kitty, she fits inside purrrfectly with room to spare. Your kitties need this in their lives!!!

I have finally reclaimed my bed!

Ever since I adopted my cat she has taken over my bed. She usually sleeps at the bottom of my feet or between my legs. I was a bit skeptical because my cat usually sleeps in the closet or on my bed. But I am glad I decided to try out the feltcave. She has slept in it the whole night and hasn't gone on my bed. I can sleep without worrying that I'll accidentally kick her.

Lovely cat cave

Great quality, great material, great color. My kitties love it! My moms giant 25 pound cat even fits in it!

Human and feline approved!

It's a good size and the colors are vibrant. All products come with a unique smell so it took one of my cats two days to jump in. I just left it in a spot they'd like while at the same time letting it air out. Would definitely consider buying another one.

Kitty Approved!

Very well made. Not light in weight but not extremely heavy. Cat crawled inside a soon as it was as out of the packaging.

Cozy cave for kitties

Both of my cats enjoy the FeltCave! One of the kitties loves to claw the cave before she curls up to snooze). It's very cozy :-) also love the rainbow color scheme

My cats love it

My cats have never taken to a new bed so quickly — they both immediately got in when I showed it to them. I’m always finding them curled up in it now. And it’s perfect for their size (fairly chunky).

Awesome for big cats!

My cat never showed interest in cat beds, but he loves to sleep in his carrier. I wanted to put that away so I purchased this felt cave to hopefully provide him the same comfort, and he took to it immediately! He is also obsessed with the toy mouse that came with it as a gift. He's 12lbs and two of him could fit inside, for reference.

Cream Cat Cave
Kerri R.C.
Loves It!!!

At first he was hesitant but my Ginger cat Camo LOVES it!!!

Rainbow Cat Cave
Rebecca P.
True Love

My two babies love their new Feltcave. They get comfortable and just sleep or hide from us

Very happy, Dexter loves it‼️

My cat loves his new Cat Cave. He looks so happy and cosy in it. Very happy with my purchase.

Kitty approved!

My cat jumped right in! A well-made and soft little cave that she likes to curl up in. I like that it can be washed and folded up/stored easily too unlike some other cat cave products out there. Definitely recommend!

Stone Grey Cat Cave
A high quality, sturdy cat cave

I got this bed for my foster kittens and absolutely love it! I’ve ordered felt beds in the past that ended up being too heavy and wouldn’t hold shape. This one has endured three rambunctious kittens and still looks great! They love having a dark, quiet place to sleep.

My cats give this 5 stars

My cat chose the cave over the box it came in! They also LOVE the mouse toy that came with the cave. I would recommend this product to anyone!

A bed for cats that hate beds!

Our crew has never liked any cat beds we have tried for them. They prefer boxes and baskets that don’t belong to them. This was the first bed they all fought to get in immediately! 4 paws up!! Now we need two more since they can’t share!

Rainbow Cat Cave
cassandra E.
Cats love it

Cats love it!