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Wouldn’t even let me take the tag off

We have 4 cats they wouldn’t even let me get the tag off before they were exploring this new “hidey hole” and taking turns curling up in it. Very sturdy and colorful.

My cat adores her Felt Cave!!!

Hands down one of the best purchases made for my cats. Immediately my black & white kitty claimed it as her own. She sleeps in it, lounges in it, uses it to pounce at the other cats out of. I highly recommend this wonderful product from a great company!!

My Cats LOVE these!!!

Our kitty cats absolutely LOVE the Feltcave beds and mice! They snuggle, cuddle, sleep, or lurk inside them on a daily basis. They are so comfortable for them and very sturdy. We have litter mates that sleep inside them together, so they are pretty decent size. Our big guy Fluffy loves to climb in also he's approximately 11+ lbs and he still has plenty of room for his whole body and fluff to spread out. They truly love these beds. Highly recommend!

Overall quality product

This is a great overall quality kitty hideout. At first I wasn't sure if it was going to be big enough for my hefty gal. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and Kokonut climbed right in without issues. Nicely made, soft and comfy!

My cats love Feltcave!

I have 4 indoor cats and we now have 2 Feltcaves. They are well made and durable. The kitties love them! It’s a cozy spot to hideout from siblings, nap, or watch the humans. We have the large size and it easily fits my 17 pounder with room to spare.

My boy loves it!

I bought this for my 10 pound, 1.5 year old rescue Percy<3 I followed the instructions and stuffed it tight with others blankets/packaging etc for about a day or so to give the circular shape some integrity. My cat loves it! As soon as I put it out for him he immediately jumped inside and made himself at home. We have it centrally located in our house so he snuggles up in his bed when he wants to be near us but not in the mood for cuddles. I would recommend to anyone who’s cat loves safe, comfy places to sleep or people watch!

Goose approved!

Bought for my daughter’s cat when they were moving. She jumped into it the moment we put it down and it’s already her go to curl up spot.

Our cats favorite bed.

Our Bengals love their cat caves! A neighbor gave us one, and we had to get another because they couldn’t share! And why should they? It’s a cozy year round, whether they hide inside it or squish it down. It’s purrfect!

My cat's favorite retreat

Absolutely love this! It's sturdy, it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it looks cool in our living room. The cats love it, I call it their donut hole. I highly recommend. My black cats go in here and sometimes I can't find them.

All of the cats LOVE this product!!!

Our cats range in age from kittens to senior and they all absolutely love the FELTCAVE! They took to it immediately. It offers them a secure feeling and a good spot to hide or nap. It is made SO well and seems to be very durable. The felt mice they make are also a huge hit and are made extremely well too. They aren’t flimsy or getting lost right away like standard, smaller mouse toys. Great products! Definitely recommend and plan to give as gifts as well!

Not just for kitties! Our Toy fox terrier loves hers

This is very well made. Extra thick walls keep their shape! Our toy fox terrier gets very cold and always look for the coziest place to nap. This is it! Plenty of room for her toys , her blanket and her. And their customer service is amazing 🤩


My cat is picky. He never uses condos, beds, and pretty much all the toys I buy him. The cave on the other hand was perfect! It’s like a big thick bag. It fits my him and the iPad! It’s perfect!!! The quality is fantastic, the size is more spacious than expected, and the colors are accurate. We love it! I’ll be purchasing more for gifts and other rooms.

Our cat's safe place!

Our cat loves this thing. Whether its to get some peace and quiet from our dog, or to snuggle in during a road trip, the felt cave is a place of comfort and safety for our cat. Easily foldable and transportable, we bring this thing everywhere with us! 10/10.

Loved it out of the box

My boy loves it and cannot get him out! Made very well and adds a nice touch to the living room. Also came with felt mouse toy. Very happy with purchase. Might get another for my daughters room.

Love it!

We LOVE this cat cave! My kitties are pretty picky about beds so I was unsure if they would be interested in this one. But to my surprise they absolutely loved it! We have had it for several months now and they have used it every single day! We highly recommend this cat cave!

A must have for every cat owner!

We have four cats and they absolutely love their Feltcaves! They sleep inside them when they want some extra privacy/quiet time and they also sleep on top of them because they're so soft and comfortable. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - Feltcave is made from top quality felted wool and will last a lifetime. It really is a must have for all cat owners!

Buy one for each cat.

I should have brought two, but I wasn't prepared for both of them falling in love with it. It's comfortable feeling, a nice coloring, and seems to hold up well to the horrors of warfare between them as they try to boot each other out.


My cats love their felt caves! Most of the time they sit in top of it, these are time when they were in it. They are soft and easy to maintain. With 7 cats, we definitely need another one!

The best cat bed!

My cats are obsessed with this and will fight over who gets to lay on it!

Cat loves ghost new cave

Got this so my foster kitty could have a little hide in plain site cave. He claimed right out of the box, especially when the other cat is on the cat tree.

These caves are Pawsome! 10/10 recommend.

My cat absolutely loves his cat cave! It’s perfect for hiding and is cozy enough to sleep in. Whenever I don’t know where he is, the first place I look is in his cave! He looks so adorable in it, and I love the colors. Thank you to the artisans in Nepal that hand-make these caves, in multiple colors and in a medium and large size to fit all cats. Not only was the cave in perfect condition, but it came with a mouse too! I’m so thankful that I found Feltcave. Their caves are amazing but also affordable. We live in a primarily dog dominant world, so it’s important to bring awareness to cat brands like Feltcave, who are showing the world that cats are valued members of the family too. Thank you Feltcave!!

My cat won’t leave his little cave!!

My cat loves the felt material!! He is absolutely obsessed. We got the Medium size which I was nervous he wouldn’t fit but he fit perfectly and had lots of room. He is a very long cat and wears about 15 pounds. Added a picture of him on the Porch for size reference.

Made Even for Picky Cats!

I got this for my cat, Heathcliff. Heath is different than most cats. He avoids enclosed spaces. He doesn't go in boxes. He doesn't hide under blankets or sheets. He avoids his box shaped areas on his cat tree and perfers open spaces. So I was hesitant at first with buying one of these. After I opened it he was confused at first. But then I added some silvervine (he also doesn't care for catnip) and then he went inside. And ever since then he now doesn't stop. He loves it! It also came with a cute mouse toy! Heathcliff is a bigger orange cat 13.5lbs and I got him the medium and it was just perfect and had plenty of room to spare. Legit pull the trigger you won't regret it. It's cute and fun to watch my cat jump in and out of this lil cocoon :)

Fat Kitty approved!

The kitties loves these little things, I got a medium and a large and they swap back and forth. I have noticed that the two naked kitties get into the smaller one together and play fight and it’s a mystery as to where the bed ends up because they roll around the house in it having fun. It’s a great addition, the fat one has a hard time getting in and out but I read you can just cut it but I’m not going to unless she stops using it but it’s cozy now!

My cat is obsessed

Just got it today, seems sturdy. My cats love it. I imagine haired cats would make it fuzzy pretty quickly though