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LOVE these!!!

I have 2 kitties and they absolutely LOVE these cat caves. I have 2 of them and they fight over them. They are nice thick material my kitten even plays on top of his.

Bennie's in love

Bennie loves his new cave--He would like to thank the person responsible for making it so beautiful and comfortable--Also thank you for the mouse.

Well made, great choice!

Cats loved these! I started with one, as I wasn’t sure if it would be a hit with my two cats. Within a minute of setting it on the floor, I had one cat hopping in. The other is obsessed with the toy mouse! A definite great choice for my fur babies

My cat loves the cave and the mouse!

Mochi went into the felt cave within minutes and uses it daily. He also LOVES the felt mouse that came with it. My cat also jumps on the cave and rolls around on it, which is why the photo shows a flat side. I can easily shape it round....if he lets me.

This is a great cat cave!

Little Margie LOVES her feltcave (and her kitty friends do too!). She jumped in right away, and the mouse gift is such a great addition! It’s definitely sturdy and holds its shape. And it looks much better than leaving a cardboard box around in its place ;)

Pretty expensive cat toy

I rolled the little mouse in catnip and threw it in...he went in after it and once he tossed it out,it was all over. Only climbed in to get the mouse. Pretty expensive cat toy.😾😾😾

Best bed ever!!!!!!

My 5 cats LOVE this cave bed!!!! I also mailed one to my sister for her cat for Christmas. Her cat is very picky about beds and has never used any of the previous beds I sent over the years. This bed, however, he went right in and made himself comfortable. My sister texted me “the bed is a hit! He’s been sleeping in it for hours!” And the mouse toy is awesome! Can’t wait til I can buy extra mouse toys separately!

My cat loves it

My cat spends all his time in this; he loves it.


It’s still a bit warped from being folded up but all in all I am pleased and the kitties love!

Your cat will love it!

My cat loves it! I can’t get him out of it! Very good quality! I would recommend you buy it for your cat😍

Cats love it

I have two cats and they both love this thing. I am ordering another one. They either go inside or sit on top and flatten it. One of my cats is a bit larger and he fits inside just fine.

Kenny Rogers BroRoasters


Best kitty gift ever!

OMG... our cats absolutely LOVE their caves! Not sure how she knew, but the little one barely let me get it out of its packaging before she was all over it. I have two cats and they each got one. They sleep on them every single day and the little BFF mice that came with them were a hit as well! I put them inside their caves when I pop them up for them and they get such a kick of going inside and hunting for them. The material is of wonderful quality, the craftsmanship is top notch, and I can't rave enough about the product. Thank you!

My cat loves it!

I went on vacation last week and when I got home my cat, Cream, was giving me the cold shoulder. I had to pull out his Christmas gift a little early. He absolutely loves it. Went in there right away and still has not come out. It is light, roomy, and passes the cat test- which you know is extremely hard to do. Highly recommend. I just bought one for my mom for her babies too. Love it!

Sturdy thick and well made

Ordered a half priced one at first that clearly was as cheap in quality as can be that the two halves had to be zipped together which comes apart all the time. I quickly ordered this one and noticed the top notch quality right away! And my Loki and Finn love it!

My cat really likes his new bed

When I got the product inside and opened the package the cat got right into the bed right away and I guess there’s no looking back awesome product plus you get a little mouse to

Good size, pretty color, and good entertainment

They seem to like it and use it in various ways. If I had the money I would probably invest in another one. I am not small enough to know how warm this is, but I assume it's fine since it's wool. The sturdiness is not really relevant because it's a collapseable cave, it's fine and the cats use it to lie on top of or inside. It's a nice thickness and is quite soft for wool. I will look to but again at some point.

My cats love the Cat Cave

These cat caves are amazing both of my cats instantly were playing in there with their mouse. They also like to play hide and seek from each other in the caves, pretty fun to watch. Sturdy and great quality.

My Cat Loves Felt Cave and Took to It Immediately

It has outstanding quality. My cat was in it and curled up moments after unpacking and putting on my sofa. The thick bottom is comfy, and the wall is thicker than I expected. There are no rigid parts, just felted wool. She slept all night in it the first night, which made me a bit mad because she usually sleeps in bed with me. They seem like a great company doing good things and making a great product. There may be cheaper things like it, and maybe more expensive, but my cat loves her felt cave.

Awesome Cat Bed!

We absolutely LOVE this- our cat feels like she can have her own safe space. She loves crawling in small spaces and this one is quite roomy inside but she lives in it now! It’s very sturdy & thick- great quality!

Cats LOVE Felted Caves

Great felted cave for the right price! My cat prefers to lay on top of it and crush it vs. laying inside of it. Nice and roomy on the inside for even a larger cat 15-20#.

Whether you're a "hider" or a "flattener", this is the cat cave you want!

I'll admit, I had one of the other brand caves for a while and it was nice, but it was not as nice as this Felt Cave! This Felt Cave is 100% wool and it's very, very sturdy in a way that my old one was not. As you can see, I like to hide in it sometimes and other times I like to flatten it. My old one was flattened so many times that it doesn't really hold its shape anymore but the Felt Cave pops right back to normal when I'm ready for it to!Aside from it being nice and sturdy and thicker than my old cave, I love that it is was hand-made by artisans in Nepal and is 100% biodegradable, renewable, and is certified cruelty-free New Zealand wool. I may be biased but I think the grey looks perfect and its one of the rare types of cat furniture that looks as classy and modern as lots of human furniture, so if you're looking for something your cat will love while matching your decor, you can almost certainly find a color of Felt Cave that will work perfectly in your home. One question I get asked about a lot from friends who have seen the cave is whether or not it can easily be washed. Fortunately, we haven't had to wash ours yet but I spoke with the company and they said that you can definitely hand wash it in lukewarm water, then press out as much moisture as you can, shape it back to the shape you want, and once it dries its ready to go!

Cats LOVE Felted Caves

Great felted cave for the right price! My cat prefers to lay on top of it and crush it vs. laying inside of it. Nice and roomy on the inside for even a larger cat 15-20#.

My cat loves this!

My cat loved this! As soon as I opened the package, she jumped right in ! It came with a toy mouse that she likes to play with. It's sturdy, holds it's shape, and well made. It will definitely keep her warm this winter!


The first day I put it out, Scrappy slept in it.Now she’s on top to keep a better eye on the dogs.Very high quality and we’re happy