They’re endless fun, and few things are as pleasurable as seeing our cats happy at play or taking one of those blissful naps.

With the Cat Cave, we feel we’ve nailed the perfect cat gift. You know that sinking feeling when you get your cat some expensive gift, but they walk straight past it only to joyfully pounce on the box? Well, the Cat Cave pretty much solves that problem. Our customers tell us their cats waste no time jumping straight onto, or into, the Cat Cave.

We also feel proud to bring you a premium cat object that looks like a piece of modern art. The organic shape, felted wool and range of colors from naturals to blazing brights, bring warmth and irresistible texture to any home.


This is the reason why we chose to use 100% merino wool as our cave material, and we employ humans instead of machines to keep the final product as natural and organic as it can be.

Our choice of quality natural materials and hand-crafting makes for a higher cost, but our main focus is the quality of the product and your kitty’s health.

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