Rainbow Cat Cave

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The Rainbow Felt Cat Cave is the coziest, comfiest hidey hole your cat’s heart could desire. Handmade from 100% natural wool, it’s where sweet dreams are made.

This premium wool cat cave has just two ingredients: all-natural merino wool, and love. Well, three ingredients, if you count patience, because each one is felted by hand, and that takes loads of time and care.

  • The natural odor of the wool will attract cats to the Cat Cave.
  • Healthy, breathable and odor-resistant natural fabric.
  • Reacts to changes in body temperature - your cat will be delightfully snug but never overheat.
  • Handmade in Nepal from 100% natural, organic materials.

  • Your cat will adore the quality of this natural, super-fine fiber, which is deliciously soft on skin and fur.

    Materials 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand
    Cat Size Suitable for cats under 15 pounds (all except very large cats)
    Dimensions Height: 12" | Length: 17" | Opening: 7"
    100% Merino wool
    Easy to clean
    Fits large cats
    30 Day returns

    Light Clean: Vacuum / lint roll.

    Deep Clean: Hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water, re-shape while damp and leave to dry naturally.

    In the U.S alone, 1.4 million homeless cats are euthanized every single year.

    Here at Feltcave we donate a portion of our profits to no-kill shelters. So when you buy from us, you are helping us save cats lives.

    100% Merino wool
    Easy to clean
    Fits large cats
    30 Day returns

    How It's Made

    Each cave is carefully felted by hand to perfection from 100% New Zealand merino wool.


    Customer Reviews

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    Cats love it

    Cats love it!

    The perfect cat cave!

    I have several cat beds. This is the first one that our girls can’t get enough of. I think I need to order a second one, but somehow I think they will still both want the same one! It’s sturdy, cute and well made. The perfect cat cave.

    He won’t come out.

    Fletcher gives 5 stars

    Fabulous product! Both cats love the Feltcave cat cave!

    I can't say enough about how wonderful the Feltcave cat cave is! Both of my cats love their caves so much. I bought these when one of my cats was returning from the kitty hospital so that she would feel safe as she recovered. PURRFECT!

    My Cat LOVES this

    My cat Jaxx loves this cat cave. I might have to buy a second one for my other cat.

    I turned my back and when I looked back...

    As soon as I looked away, the first cat went in. It arrived an hour ago and already the cats are fighting over this...

    Nice quality cat bed

    We bought this for our Jax after he had to get a lion cut in the middle of a very cold winter. Within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box, he was already inside his new den. It is his new favorite place to sleep when my husband and I don't have an available lap for him. It is very thick and warm.


    Bennie loves it