Stone Grey Cat Cave

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The Stone Grey Felt Cat Cave is the coziest, comfiest hidey hole your cat’s heart could desire. Handmade from 100% natural wool, it’s where sweet dreams are made.

This premium wool cat cave has just two ingredients: all-natural merino wool, and love. Well, three ingredients, if you count patience, because each one is felted by hand, and that takes loads of time and care.

  • The natural odor of the wool will attract cats to the Cat Cave.
  • Healthy, breathable and odor-resistant natural fabric.
  • Reacts to changes in body temperature - your cat will be delightfully snug but never overheat.
  • Handmade in Nepal from 100% natural, organic materials.

  • Your cat will adore the quality of this natural, super-fine fiber, which is deliciously soft on skin and fur.

    Materials 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand
    Cat Size Suitable for cats under 15 pounds (all except very large cats)
    Dimensions Height: 12" | Length: 17" | Opening: 7"
    100% Merino wool
    Easy to clean
    Fits large cats
    30 Day returns

    Light Clean: Vacuum / lint roll.

    Deep Clean: Hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water, re-shape while damp and leave to dry naturally.

    In the U.S alone, 1.4 million homeless cats are euthanized every single year.

    Here at Feltcave we donate a portion of our profits to no-kill shelters. So when you buy from us, you are helping us save cats lives.

    100% Merino wool
    Easy to clean
    Fits large cats
    30 Day returns

    How It's Made

    Each cave is carefully felted by hand to perfection from 100% New Zealand merino wool.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 103 reviews
    Suellen I.S.
    Durable, warm and well made.

    I have had a stray cat that I have vetted and had spayed but refuses to be inside my home. So I ordered this feltcace cat bed for my porch. Within 10 minutes this catxwas inside. I had tried another bed and blanket as well as car carrier with blanket but she would have nothing to do with them. This is fabulous and cozy. Now I will be as worried this winter about her. It's very thick wool and very sturdy. Lots of color choices. Got a free wool mouse toy with order too. She loves it all!

    I have finally reclaimed my bed!

    Ever since I adopted my cat she has taken over my bed. She usually sleeps at the bottom of my feet or between my legs. I was a bit skeptical because my cat usually sleeps in the closet or on my bed. But I am glad I decided to try out the feltcave. She has slept in it the whole night and hasn't gone on my bed. I can sleep without worrying that I'll accidentally kick her.

    Kristen S.
    My cats love it

    My cats have never taken to a new bed so quickly — they both immediately got in when I showed it to them. I’m always finding them curled up in it now. And it’s perfect for their size (fairly chunky).

    Janelle M.
    Very happy, Dexter loves it‼️

    My cat loves his new Cat Cave. He looks so happy and cosy in it. Very happy with my purchase.

    A high quality, sturdy cat cave

    I got this bed for my foster kittens and absolutely love it! I’ve ordered felt beds in the past that ended up being too heavy and wouldn’t hold shape. This one has endured three rambunctious kittens and still looks great! They love having a dark, quiet place to sleep.

    Cat lives his private space

    “Trout” loves his private space ‼️

    I forget what life was like before the cave

    This is one of those things that cats somehow know exactly how to use without any training. I took it out of the package and set it on the floor and immediately one of my cats went right inside. As soon as she left my other cat dashed inside. For days now, it has been a chaotic dance over which cat gets to be inside the cave. They truly love it! I had thrown the cave on top of my bed while vacuuming and tried to lift it later and there was a cat inside. They will go in this cave no matter where it is! My cats are friends but not super cuddly so they haven't shared the cave yet. You might want to consider multiple caves if that's the case for you as well!

    Amazon C.
    They both loved it

    We knew our cat would love this pod, but I was worried about the entrance placement. He loves watching us from his little cat houses, so I was worried he wouldn’t be able to look at us while lounging, but as you can see from the photo it’s perfect. It’s a little crinkled but I just realized I should have probably washed it first so that might be my problem. It’s thick without being absurdly thick if that makes sense. He doesn’t care for cushions or pillows so the base is sturdy for him to feel like he’s laying on the ground, but the thickness of the felt will hold in body heat. I did throw a towel on top to make the entrance smaller, I do wish it wasn’t so big so he can feel like he’s hiding. Other than minor personal complaints, my boys love this and the mouse that came with it! I’m so surprised about the mouse! If toys don’t rattle or have catnip they usually ignore them. They’ve been fighting over this thing all day!