Natural Ivory Cat Cave | Large Size

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100% Chemical Free
Lifetime Warranty

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 Lifetime Guarantee If your Feltcave ever wears out - we replace it for FREE
Guaranteed to Satisfy If your Kitty won't use the Feltcave after 2 weeks - we give you your money back
Even More Value You get one of our popular Felt Mouse Toys with your Feltcave purchase
Post-Purchase Advice We’ll walk you through how to shape, clean and care for your Feltcave after you buy

How Can We Make You This Offer? 

  • Feltcave is made of 100% Wool - the same material that inhabitants of Central Asia made the first shoes from 1500 years ago. Merino Wool’s amazing durability means your Feltcave will last a lifetime!
  • Cat’s are proven to go crazy for the natural lanolin present in Merino Wool (some say it reminds them of their mothers). Now you can finally have a cat bed that your cat will religiously use. No more rejected beds!
  • The magic of Merino Wool fibers makes them adaptable and temperature regulating. Buy Feltcave and rest assured your beloved cat won’t shiver in the winter or overheat in the summer.
  • Unlike Synthetic Beds covered in Formaldehyde and toxic chemicals, Feltcave is made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial Merino Wool. Why risk a cheap bed when you can buy Feltcave and know you’re nurturing your cat’s well-being?
Materials 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand
Cat Size Suitable for cats up to 25 pounds
Dimensions Height: 15" | Length: 20" | Opening: 9"
100% Merino wool
Easy to clean
100% Chemical free

In the U.S alone, 1.4 million homeless cats are euthanized every single year.

Here at Feltcave we donate a portion of our profits to no-kill shelters. So when you buy from us, you are helping us save cats lives.

Light Clean: Vacuum / lint roll.

Deep Clean: Hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water, re-shape while damp and leave to dry naturally.

100% Merino wool
Easy to clean
100% Chemical free

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Customer Reviews

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Julie B.
Louie loves this cave

My 7 year old, 15 pound male rescue named Louie is hard to please. But I have to say he absolutely loves this. He plays in it every day. Sometimes he dives on it & it collapses but he loves that too. It’s easy to reshape. I toss a toy in there & he literally dives in. He never liked boxes like many cats do. I suggest this as an option for a hard to please cat.

Instant hit

My cat is a little prince. I purchased many cat beds that ended at the shelter near by. The cave just arrived today. As soon as I showed him this cave, he jumped in it. my cat is pretty small (under 10 pounds), but he likes his space so I spoiled with this one. It was a little pricier than other caves, but so far a well worth it. Happy cat, happy mom.

Khari W.

My little Ragdoll kitten just loves his Feltcave! He is 12 weeks old and he gets in by himself... and we live in it's not too hot.

Nice piece of cat furniture that our cats love!

Lovelovelove this FeltCave. I just ordered a 2nd in the pretty cream color because although my two cats will share, sometimes there's fierce competition for it. This is made of excellent quality, heavy duty, soft felt that doesn't scream, “cat furniture”. After placing cat nip and treats inside, they both began to use it that day. My big tabby prefers his cave collapsed and it forms a sort of all-encompassing bolster pillow. Our tortie will climb on it with him and snuggle. I ordered a size large Felt Cave which accommodates both comfortably. (For sizing reference, my cats are 12 and 11lbs.) The tortie prefers it as the ‘cave' it was intended as, so she'll soon have one of her own! Wish this company made more cat furniture.

Good cat bed

Very good size. Lots of room inside. Very soft and does not stay in shape when kitten sits on it or runs over it. Have to reshape it from time to time. Otherwise it's a good cat bed. Kitten loves it and is having fun with it.

L. W.
Cats love it

Excellent quality - thick material and my cats love to go in it as well as lay on top of it (or lay on top of it while someone else is in it!). Something about the felted wool material makes cats go crazy too. I have four cats and they fight over who gets to go inside of it. I also bought the wool felt mice and they love those as well. My cats don't typically walk around with toys in their mouths, but I have caught two of them carrying around the mice :)

Cats love a small space to hide

The most important thing is that my cat seems to love it! It has not required washing yet. But I know wool. It will do fine. Sturdy and make sure that you check the size. My cat is 22lbs. And he definitely needs the large one.

Hannah W.
My cats LOVE!!! Need another!

My cats are obsessed with this bed. It's very roomy for them on the inside my biggest cat is around 16lbs and she fits with no issues! Can't wait to get a second bed! :)