Cat Cave or Cat Bed? Which is better for your cat?

If you are a cat owner, chances are you treat your cat as part of the family. Therefore, finding the right cat bed, with the right features, is very important for both you and your cat. As you know, cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day or more.

Here at Feltcave, we are cat experts, and we understand the features that are most important to your cat when choosing a place to sleep. Your cat wants a safe, comfortable bed to sleep in that keeps him cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you are in the market for your cat's next sleeping space, should you choose a cat bed or a cat cave? In this article, we will explore the features of each to help make your decision easier.

We will be going over:

1. What is a Cat Bed?

2. What is a Cat Cave?

3. Types of Cat Beds

4. The differences between Cat Caves and Cat Beds

5. Why your cat needs a Cat Cave

6. Questions & Answers

What is a Cat Bed?

Love's Cabin Cat Donut

Cat Donut from Love's Cabin

A cat bed is a general term used for many types of cat beds being marketed while the colors, shapes, sizes, material, and price will depend on your selection. It is basically a place for your cat to sleep day and night while meeting his specific needs for comfort.

Cat beds are made from synthetic materials, such as plush polyesters popular in cat bedding. Other materials like foam, wool, plush, cotton, fabric, and others are used to make cat beds soft and fluffy.

Manufacturing / Sourcing
Cat beds are mostly made in China, and most of them are mass-produced. Many companies provide chemical-free certifications in the manufacturing of their beds.

Cat beds are made with comfort in mind. Many are filled with foams and stuffing to entice your cat to crawl in and get cozy. Some offer a hideaway for your cat which is definitely more inviting when nap time hits.

With so many varieties of cat beds out there, they range in price. Most popular cat beds like cat cushions start at $10 and can go up to $50. Other cat beds can range from $15 to $100 depending on style and size.

Pros  Cons
Price: Cat beds can be inexpensive Manufacturing: Most cats beds are mass-produced in China and can contain harmful chemicals
Variety: Cat beds come in many shapes and sizes for all cat preferences Usage: Cat beds can sometimes be left unused since cats tend to be picky about them.

What is a Cat Cave?

Feltcave Aquamaroon Cat Cave

The cat cave is for the eco-conscious cat owner and is made with no harsh chemicals or synthetic materials. They are modern and stylish cat beds that are shaped like a pod and will hold its shape. Cats up to 20 pounds are able to sleep on or in the cat cave.

Cat caves are made of 100% New Zealand wool. The material is eco-friendly and non-toxic as well as durable enough to withstand a vacuum and hand-washing. You will want to avoid the washing machine if possible as it will decrease the life of the bed.

Manufacturing / Sourcing
Each cat cave is hand-felted in Nepal by women who earn fair wages in a safe environment. Cat cave products are made free of chemicals or any other toxins and are eco - friendly. They are made using a wet felting technique. Wet felting wool is a centuries-old craft used to make everything from tents to clothing. Wool is felted by using only warm water and organic soap. You can find out more information about how cat caves are made on our website.

The cat cave will help your cat feel safe, warm and cozy. As the temperature warms the wool expands releasing moisture allowing cool air to flow through it. This means your cat will be comfortable no matter how hot the temperature is. When temperatures drop the wool has the ability to trap warmth from body temperature keeping your kitty warm. Besides physical comfort, cats are naturally attracted to the wool odor. The lanolin odor of wool is similar to the odor of the kitten's mother.

Cat caves come with a premium price tag because of the quality of the product. This is justified with the cat caves product standing the test of time that other cat beds can’t compete with. Cat caves are not only made with 100% merino wool but they are hand made and not mass-produced in a factory in China.

Pros  Cons
Materials: Made with non-toxic materials and made from, 100% merino wool Cleaning: Must be washed by hand
Economics: Cat caves are hand made in Nepal which helps families and their economic state Price: Cost more than typical cat beds
Usability: Cats are more likely to use cat caves because they are attracted to wool and its smell of Lanolin  


Types of Cat Beds

Pet Tent

Pet Tent

Pet Tent from Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

Pet tents are made for small dogs and cats and are usually designed with a soft poly-foam structure and pillow based bottom. These beds are usually soft but sturdy and will not collapse without pressure. They come in many shapes, fabrics, sizes, and colors.

Cat Cube

 Cat Cube

Cat Cube from Kitty City

The cat cube is like a cat condo, with a bed on the “roof” and one inside the cube. Most cubes are made from soft polyester and might have a sisal scratching mat. These come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and may be folded flat.

Cat Cushion

Cat CushionCat Cushion from BinetGo

Pet Tent from Best Pet Supplies, Inc. A cat cushion or bed is an affordable choice and the most popular among cat owners. The outside material is usually plush with a faux-wool lining inside the bed. The sides are soft enough to bend and accommodate larger cats or multiple cats. These come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Cat Donut

Cat DonutCat Donut from AmazonBasics

The cat donut is basically a cat cushion with oversized bumpers, packed full with fiberfill stuffing. The outside is usually made with a nylon faux shag-type fur. These come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Cardboard Box/Carton

Cat Inside Cardboard Box/CartonShutterstock/De Jongh Photography

This is exactly what it sounds like, a box. This type of cat bed would be the most affordable type because it can be made with any box or carton you have laying around the house. The walls of the box help trap your cat’s body heat in and provide a great place to hide.

The Differences

Cat caves are made of 100% New Zealand eco-friendly wool. Cat beds are made from synthetic materials, such as plush polyesters popular in cat bedding.

Manufacturing / Sourcing
Each cat cave is hand-felted in Nepal free from chemicals or any other toxins and is eco - friendly. They are hand made using a wet felting technique while typical cat beds are mass-produced in China.

Both the cat bed and cat caves are comfortable for cats. The key difference is that cats tend to be more attracted to the cat cave since its wool odor is considered attractive to cats.

Cat caves come with a premium price tag because of the quality of the handmade product. Cat beds range in price depending on materials and how they are manufactured. Generally, cat beds tend to be cheaper.

Why your cat needs a Cat Cave?

A cat cave will provide your kitty shelter from stress and will keep him warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. While cats love climbing and exploring inside the cat cave, they also have the option of sleeping right on top of it. What makes cat caves really convenient is they are lightweight and can be used as a cushion when traveling with your cat.

Cat caves are also eco-friendly and chemical-free, meaning your cat and the environment will be safe. Cats are also more likely to use cat caves because they love the lanolin smell wool gives off.

Choosing to buy a cat cave will not only help your cat, but it helps the women of Nepal who make these cat caves by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the material used in cat beds and materials used for cat caves?
Most cat beds are made out of plush cotton fabrics, while the cat caves are made from all-natural merino wool.

Why is the Cat Cave more expensive than other cat beds?
Firstly, the cat cave is made out of wool, which is more expensive than cotton, and secondly, each cave is individually hand made in contrast to the mass-produced cat bed.

Which type of cat bed is the best for traveling?
A cat cave would be more suitable when traveling because you are able to fold it down neatly and it does not take as much space as typical cat beds.

My cat is very picky about his toys and items, which type of cat bed would suit him best?
If your cat is picky and he has a hard time adapting to new products, a Cat Cave will probably be your best choice. The wool has a lanolin smell, which naturally attracts cats.

The Verdict

Choosing the right place for your cat to sleep safely can be difficult. You may be expecting us to declare a visible winner in the Cat Cave vs. Cat Bed debate, but if you’ve been paying attention to the comparisons above, it is impossible to choose just one.

If you are on a tight budget and prefer something temporary, a cat bed may be your best bet. If you want something quality, at a fair price that will last for years to come, then a cat cave is right for you. 

Because we are the leaders in the cat cave industry, we can't be too objective but hopefully, you’re now equipped with enough knowledge about the pros and cons of both to make the right choice for you and your cat.

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