The 10 Best Cat Cave Beds of 2020

Cats need a bed for a many reasons, like comfort, safety, rest and privacy to name a few. A place to sleep is a basic cat need, considering they sleep most the day away. While a basic cat bed helps your cat rest in comfort, a cat cave will also provide him with safety and privacy.

The difference between a basic cat bed and a cat cave is simple. A cat cave is a place your cat can get away to sleep in privacy. A cat bed is a spot for your cat to rest but usually out in the open where he may not feel safe.

We are cat experts here at Feltcave and we know what features are most important to your cat when choosing a place to sleep. Your cat not only wants a wants a safe, comfortable bed to sleep in, he wants one that keeps him cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We researched dozens of cat cave beds and came up with the ten listed in this article, based on materials, quality, durability, aesthetics, and of course, price.

The cat caves we will be reviewing today:

10. Bedsure Pet Tent - $25.99

9. K&H Dream Pod - $101.5

8. AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House - $29.99

7. Padpod Luxury Cat Bed - $665

6. Fhasso Bamboo Cat Bed - $89.90

5. Likedog Shark Pet House - $17.99

4. Bow Meow Pet Cave - $29.90

3. tuft + paw Cocoon Cat Cave - $139

2. Runner up: MiaCara Covo Cat Basket - $565

1. Winner: Feltcave Felted Wool Cat Cave - $59.99

10. Bedsure Pet Tent - $25.99


Bedsure Pet Tent

The Petsure Pet Tent Cave Bed offers warmth and comfort for your kitty when it is cold outside. This bed has a sturdy construction made of 100% microfiber and high-density foam.

The removable microfiber bed is soft, hypoallergenic, and removable, which means it is cozy, washable and suitable for allergic felines.

Pros  Cons
Affordable: At $25.99 only, this cave won't break the bank. Durability: Some customers report durability issues (e.g: anti-skid rubber bits falling off).
Versatile: The pillow can be removed and place on top of the tent and serve as an open bed. Size: The plush pillow takes a lot of space making it hard for adult cats to enter the tent and stay there comfortably.


9.K&H Dream Pod - $101.5

K&H Dream Pod

The Mod Dream Pod zips together to make this a very unique cat bed. The large size and wide opening accommodate cats of any size. The exterior is EVA based and has a rugged 600 denier polyester fabric surface for durability.

Inside your cat will find a comfortable poly-fill pillow to sleep on that is also washable. This pod style bed is also available with a removable heater.

Pros  Cons
Heated: The inside is heated which is great for cold weather areas. Expensive: For $100 you can probably get a better value for your money.
Well-Made: A well built product that will stand the test of time. Electric: While being able to heat the bed is a plus, pod is limited to areas near outlets.

8.AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House - $29.99

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House

The AmazonBasics collapsible cat house is made from durable faux suede with an ultra-plush cushion inside. It is very lightweight and can be set up in seconds and folded flat for easy storage or travel.

Your cat can choose to sleep on top or inside the house and it can accommodate larger cats either way. It can be stacked with another condo of the same type to create a multi-story cat house.

Pros  Cons
2-in-1: Nap and sleep on the inside & play on the outside. Quality: The quality of this cat house is not the best, but for less than $30 you really can't expect better.
Modern design: This cat house design and colors will fit well into modern houses. Smell: Some units have an odd smell that turns cats off.

7.Padpod Luxury Cat Bed - $665

Padpod Luxury Cat Bed

This modern luxury pod-shaped bed is raised slightly off the floor, creating the perfect perch for kitty. The glossy white exterior shell is lined with wool fabric and a comfy feather or memory foam filled cushion.

It is available in three colors and the cushion can be removed for dry cleaning purposes.



Futuristic design: The Padpod design is simply stunning and will be a good fit to modern houses. Expensive: Well, you pay a luxury price for a luxury item.
Conversation Starter: This isn't just a normal cat bed, it's a decor that your guests will notice and give attention to. Not Eco-Friendly: The pillow of this bed is filled with duck feathers which is not animal friendly.


6.Fhasso Bamboo Cat Bed - $89.90

Fhasso Bamboo Cat Bed 

The Fhasso Bamboo cat beds are handmade with an outer shell made from natural, organic bamboo that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The cushion is machine washable and the cover zips off for easy maintenance.

This cat cave has a modern design to go with any decor and the interior is painted in neutral colors. It is suitable for both dogs and cats that weigh 10 pounds or less.



Decorative: This bamboo finish provides great modern touch and compliments your interior. No Cushion: You will need to purchase an extra cushion to put inside this bed since it is not soft.
Eco-Friendly Bamboo: Made from natural, organic bamboo. Unstable: Due to its shape, this bed can be wobbly and not so comfortable for your cat at times.


5.Likedog Shark Pet House - $17.99

Likedog Shark Pet House
The Likedog Shark pet house is made with a very soft, crystal velvet material and a bottom made of anti-slip material to keep it in place. It is portable and light, and you can easily take it with you for travel.

This cat cave is suitable for a pet up to 20 pounds and is self warming once they burrow in. The inside cushion is removable and can be machine washed.

Pros  Cons
Affordable: At $17.99, this pet cave is probably the cheapest you will find. Too Small: This pet house is too small to fit an adult cat comfortably.
Cute design: The shark design is cute and amusing. Quality: The quality of the plush is not the best and the product might have a chemical smell to it.

4.Bow Meow Pet Cave - $29.90

Bow Meow Pet Cave

Bow Meow Pet Cave is a 2-in-1 cat bed with a plush polyester outer shell, Microsuede fleece interiors, and non-skid base. The inside is equipped with a removable fleece pillow.

This cat bed can be flattened for your kitty to use as a regular bed or he can cuddle up inside. The outside of the cave can be hand washed and the removable pillow can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Pros  Cons
2-in-1: Serves as an enclosed cat cave, and when collapsed it also serves as a cat bed for your cat to lay on. Too Small: This pet house is too small to fit an adult cat comfortably.
Warm & Snug: The soft plush will keep your cat warm during the cold winter days. Flimsy: Some customers report that this cat cave is too flimsy and doesn't easily holds its shape.

3.tuft + paw Cocoon Cat Cave - $139

tuft + paw Cocoon Cat Cave

This felted wool cat cave has a unique design with the look of a decorative flower that will complement any room in your house. It is built to hold its solid shape and ultra-soft texture, thanks to its 100% wool construction.

The wool will keep your cat warm and can hold cats up to 15 pounds. It is also easy to clean off using a lint roller or by hand washing.

Pros  Cons
Unique Design: Its unique flower design will serve as a decorative piece to any room. Pricey: At $139, this cat cave is not economical, as it's also a decorative piece.
Made of Wool: Wool is known to be a great material selection for cat products as it's soft and also is attractive to cats.


2.MiaCara Covo Cat Basket - $565

MiaCara Covo Cat Basket

The Miacara Covo Cat Basket offers style and comfort for your cat, while the circular design can compliment any decor. This bed is made from bent plywood, making the frame extremely strong and sturdy. 

The raised back of the bed offers a covered space for your cat to sleep comfortably on the soft foam cushion.The fabric cover is easily removable and washable

Pros  Cons
Luxurious Design: Stunning design that will draw eyes to it. Very Expensive: At $565 (Not including shipping), not many people can afford the Cove.
Quality Wood: Made out of high quality real wood. Takes up a lot of space: The Cove will take quite a bit of floor space, which might not be an issue if you have space for it.


1.Feltcave Felted Wool Cat Cave - $59.99

Feltcave Royal Blue Cat Cave

This handmade cat cave is made of 100% merino wool and can hold cats up to 20 pounds. This cat cave is very cozy and the perfect place for your cat to hideout.

The designs are very attractive and it comes in various colors. A great feature of the Feltcave cat cave is your cat can use it as a flat and round mat or sleep inside.

It may seem obvious we would choose the Feltcave as the winner, but we know a good product based on more than just research alone. This cat cave meets all of your cats basic bed needs as well as being fairly priced for a high quality product.

Pros  Cons
Variety of Designs: With (currently) 8 beautiful color combinations, this cave can fit and compliment any house. Price: At $59.99, our cat cave definitely costs more than the average cat bed, but for a handmade, 100% merino wool product, it's not too bad.
100% Handmade: Handmade with care, as opposed to most products that are mass-produced in China.



Cats are like family so most of us would agree that we want to provide them with the best life possible. This includes them having their own place to rest and sleep. Make sure that whatever you choose, whether it is our cat cave, another one, or both, your cat can easily and comfortably get in, turn around and stretch out in.

Every cat has a different personality and bed preference, but what most cats agree on is being comfortable and safe. Giving your cat a cat cave will not only make him feel safe and comfy but it will keep cat hair in one place while looking like part of the decor.

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