The 10 Best Cat Cave Beds of 2022

One thing that cat lovers love to do is shower their kitty with gifts, one of which being a comfy, cozy cat bed. And it’s just as well, because cats need a trusted bed for many reasons - for their comfort, safety and privacy, to name but a few.

A comfortable place to sleep is a basic feline need, and considering they sleep for most of the day anyway, this makes it an even more essential item!

While a basic cat bed can provide a reasonably comfortable place for your furry friend to rest, a cat cave will give them a particularly safe, private and super snug place to retreat to.

What is a cat cave?

The difference between a basic cat bed and a cat cave is simple. A standard cat bed is often a cushioned spot out in the open for your cat to rest upon, whereas a cat cave is a largely enclosed space for your cat to escape to - warm, and with the heightened sense of security they need to fully relax.

Here at Feltcave, we are cat lovers and experts, and we know what features are the most important to your cat when choosing a place to sleep. Your cat not only wants a safe, comfortable bed to sleep in, but also one that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What do cats love about cat caves?

Cats are naturally heat-seeking creatures, having originated from the desert. Ever wondered why your cat is always lounging in the brightest sunny spot or right next to the roaring fire? That’s why. They love the warmth and this is especially true when they are sleeping.

Cats also need some quality time alone to unwind and rest undisturbed. Especially if their home is a busy and noisy one, it’s important to provide them with somewhere comfy and secure that they can retreat to for some solace.

For these reasons, they love nothing more than to snuggle up inside their favorite cat cave. The perfect cat cave has it all. For starters, it has just the right sized opening to make it easy to access, and provides your cat with the perfect peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on what’s going on. It then has a super-snug, enclosed area to give them a great sense of security to rest easily.

We researched dozens of cat cave beds and came up with the 10 listed in this article, based on the materials used, the overall quality, durability, aesthetics and, of course, the price.

👑 WINNER: Feltcave Felted Wool Cat Cave - $49.99

Feltcave Aquamaroon Cat Cave

 Feltcave Amazon

This handmade cat cave is made of 100% merino wool and can hold cats up to 15 pounds, it's the perfect place for your cat to hideout.

The designs are very attractive, and it comes in various colors. A great feature of the Feltcave cat cave is your cat can use it as a flat and round mat or sleep inside.

It’s handmade by crafters in Nepal out of completely natural materials. Compared to other materials, this wool is very eco-friendly.

Wool is easy to clean and naturally repels odors. You can easily vacuum it out or wash it. It is not washer safe, though.

It may seem obvious we would choose the Feltcave as the winner, but we know a good product based on more than just research alone. This cat cave meets all of your cats basic bed needs as well as being fairly priced for a high quality product.

Pros  Cons
Variety of Designs: With 8 beautiful color combinations, this cave can fit and compliment any house. Price: At $49.99, our cat cave definitely costs more than the average cat bed, but for a handmade, 100% merino wool product, it's not too bad.
100% Handmade: Handmade with care, as opposed to most products that are mass-produced in China.

RUNNER-UP: City Stackable Cat Cube - $25.98

Kitty city stackable cat cube

This cozy nap pad and cat cave combo sets up in seconds and is designed with sturdy walls to ensure that it maintains its integrity when a kitty is perched atop it.

A polyester insert pillow and fleece mat are easily removable and machine washable, too.

This cave only takes a second to set up. It simply pops open and then you can place the removable pillow inside. If you need to stow it away, you can fold it back up.

You can also purchase two beds and stack them on top of each other, as well.

Collapsable to tidy away or move with ease. With the Kitty City Cat Cube, you can either spoil your cat with the choice of comfy spots or, if you have two cats, provide a bed for each in one purchase!

Pros  Cons
Versatile: Stackable and collapsible for a variety of convenient needs Flimsy: Not reportedly sturdy enough for larger cats
Washable: Easily removable cushions and mats for machine washing

Comfort: Minimal internal cushioning reported

Bow Meow Pet Cave - $29.90

Bow Meow Pet Cave

 Bow Meow Pet Cave Amazon

Bow Meow Pet Cave is a 2-in-1 cat bed with a plush polyester outer shell, Microsuede fleece interiors, and non-skid base. The inside is equipped with a removable fleece pillow.

This cat bed can be flattened for your kitty to use as a regular bed or he can cuddle up inside. The outside of the cave can be hand washed and the removable pillow can be cleaned in a washing machine.

The outside entry is somewhat small, but the inside is large enough to fit most cats. In fact, it is rated for cats up to 20 pounds.

Pros  Cons
2-in-1: Serves as an enclosed cat cave, and when collapsed it also serves as a cat bed for your cat to lay on. Too Small: This pet house is too small to fit an adult cat comfortably.
Warm & Snug: The soft plush will keep your cat warm during the cold winter days. Flimsy: Some customers report that this cat cave is too flimsy and doesn't easily holds its shape.

Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat Cave - $68.88

Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat Cave

As far as designs go, it doesn’t get any more playful than the Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat Cave! This fun cat cave is handcrafted with 100% natural merino wool and is guaranteed to be chemical-free.

Much like the Feltcave Cat Caves, felted wool is super soft and highly durable, whilst maintaining ultra comfort for your kitty in this woolen hideaway that keeps them warm in the winter and cooler in the summer!

It is handcrafted in Nepal and designed to be eco-friendly.

This cave is quite large compared to others on this list. Therefore, this may be most suitable for larger cats.

Like many cat caves, you can also flatten this one and use it as a sleeping mat. Some cats may prefer to sleep on top of it instead of inside it.
Pros  Cons
Materials: Made with 100% natural Merino Wool for durability and comfort Price: Particularly expensive price point.
Cute design: The anglerfish design is cute and amusing. Versatility: Whilst a super fun design, it might not compliment decor.

Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed - $74.90

Fhasso Bamboo Cat Bed

 Fhasso Bamboo Cat Bed Amazon

The Fhasso Bamboo cat beds are handmade with an outer shell made from natural, organic bamboo that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The cushion is machine washable and the cover zips off for easy maintenance.

This cat cave has a modern design to go with any decor and the interior is painted in neutral colors. It is suitable for both dogs and cats that weigh 10 pounds or less.

Compared to other beds on the market, this one is very aesthetically pleasing and modern. It can compliment any decor.

It is handcrafted in rural Vietnam and contributes to fair-trade business practices. When purchasing this bed, you’re also supporting small craftsmen.



Decorative: This bamboo finish provides great modern touch and compliments your interior. No Cushion: You will need to purchase an extra cushion to put inside this bed since it is not soft.
Eco-Friendly Bamboo: Made from natural, organic bamboo. Unstable: Due to its shape, this bed can be wobbly and not so comfortable for your cat at times.

Hollypet Self-Warming Foldable Cave - $23.99

Hollypet Self-Warming Foldable Cave
 AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House Amazon

This comfy pod-shaped bed is made out of coral velvet and high elastic foam which is very soft and warm, while being surface washable and very easy to clean.

It is available in two colors: grey and beige.

You can squish this bed down into a comfy mat. Some cats prefer sleeping on mats instead of inside caves, so that is always an option. Furthermore, this feature allows this bed to be used in all seasons.

With that said, this bed isn’t as durable as others. It is recommended to replace it every three months, which can add up fast.



Comfortable: The coral velvet will be very soft and comfortable for your cat. Not Holding It's Shape: Does not hold its dome shape as shown in the pictures. 
Easy Care: This cave is surface washable and very easy to clean. Small: Customers report that this product is not intended for medium-large sized cats.

Petgrow Banana Cat Bed - $21.99

Petgrow Banana Cat Bed

 AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House Amazon

This adorable, banana-shaped cat bed is a real talking point and with a semi-open lid design, provides a cozy hideaway spot at the back and an open area at the front for playtime and easy access.

It is made with elastic sponge and a soft, plush finish which is ultra cozy to the touch.

There are several sizes available, so we recommend checking the size recommendations before making your purchase. If your pet is in between sizes, get the larger size.

Pros  Cons
Design: Amusingly novel, cute design Unstable: It is reported that this design does not always stay upright when cats attempt to enter it
Materials: Very soft, cozy finish Size: Potentially too narrow for some adult cats, but does come in a variety of sizes.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Shelter - $58.69

K&h Thermo-kitty Heated Shelter

 K&H Dream Pod Cat Bed Amazon

The Mod Thermo-Kitty Heater Shelter make this very unique cat bed. The large size and wide opening accommodate cats of any size. The exterior is EVA based and has a rugged denier polyester fabric surface for durability.

Inside your cat will find a comfortable heated floor that is removable for year round use.

You can use this bed outside because it is weather-resistant. It can shetler the cat from the wind and the rain on top of keeping them warm during the winter. In fact, it is rated for sub-zero temperatures.

Pros  Cons
Heated: The inside is heated which is great for cold weather areas. Smell: Some customers report bad smells coming out of this product.
Well-Made: A well built product that will stand the test of time. Electric: While being able to heat the bed is a plus, pod is limited to areas near outlets.


Bedsure Pet Tent - $25.99

Bedsure Pet Tent

 BedSure Pet Tent Amazon

The Petsure Pet Tent Cave Bed offers warmth and comfort for your kitty when it is cold outside. This bed has a sturdy construction made of 100% microfiber and high-density foam.

The removable microfiber bed is soft and hypoallergenic, which means it is cozy, washable and suitable for allergic felines.

The walls of the tent are stable, so it shouldn’t fold in by itself. However, the top can be folded in to make a comfortable sleeping mat for your feline. You can also fold this bed up for easy storage if necessary.

The bottom of this bed does feature an anti-slip texture, allowing the bed to stay in one place.


Pros  Cons
Affordable: At $25.99 only, this cave won't break the bank. Durability: Some customers report durability issues (e.g: anti-skid rubber bits falling off).
Versatile: The pillow can be removed and place on top of the tent and serve as an open bed.

Size: The plush pillow takes a lot of space making it hard for adult cats to enter the tent and stay there comfortably. 

MIEMIE Plush Cat Bed - $28.99


MIEMIE Plush Cat Bed

 BedSure Pet Tent Amazon

This attractive, macaroon-colored cat bed is half cave for added snugness. The faux fur finish is super plush for extra comfort and, with an all-in-one machine washable design, it’s easy to keep clean, too.

It is designed with a non-slip bottom to keep the bed from slipping around your tiled or hardwood floors. It also comes in a variety of sizes to cater for all cats!

These beds are vacuum packed to lower shipping costs, so it does take a day or two for the bed to get back to its usual size.

Pros  Cons
Washable: All-in-one machine washable design with non-slip bottom Plushness: Comes vacuum-packed which flattens it considerably
Sizes: Comes in a variety of sizes to cater for any cat

Flimsy: Top may not stand up well (according to consumer report)


Cats are like family so most of us would agree that we want to provide them with the best life possible. This includes them having their own place to rest and sleep. If you want to make use of the vertical space in your house, you may want to consider getting cat wall furniture.  Make sure that whatever you choose, your cat can easily and comfortably get in, turn around and stretch out in.
Every cat has a different personality and bed preference, but what most cats agree on is being comfortable and safe. Giving your cat a cat cave will not only make him feel safe and comfy but it will keep cat hair in one place while looking like part of the decor.

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Emma my Siamese loves to be in cozy spaces. She really enjoys her Feltcave, and I have a feeling she will love it even more when the weather is cooler. Beautifully made, outstanding quality, and the perfect shape and size. We are both very happy with our purchase! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐾

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