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Grey Cat Cave - LargeGrey Cat Cave - Large
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Grey Cat Cave - Large

Cream Cat Cave - LargeCream Cat Cave - Large

Cream Cat Cave - Large

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LOVE this product!

I love this product and so does my cat - lol! She immediately walked right into it after we received it on Christmas Eve. And she also immediately started playing with the little mouse that came with it. I have to say the quality of that little mouse is just soooo well crafted. And the cave is obviously so beautiful with the two toned colors and the beautiful workmanship. Both beautiful products. I've seen these caves around social media and finally decided to buy one. My boss even has one for his cat. I might need to buy one for my mom's cat now. He loves to hide in small spaces. I also wanted to thank you for creating a product that is handcrafted. I 100% support this!

Amazing cat bed! Highly recommend!!

This bed was an instant hit with my exotic shorthairs. All three of them can fit into this at the same time.They slept in it, on top of it, they just loved it.I will be getting two more so they each can have their own. Super happy with this bed. It's soft for wool, looks very durable, and the size can fit the biggest of cats. Highly recommend!!!! ????

Royal Blue Cat Cave
Patricia N.

This item is very well made, and is a good size so that larger kitties can fit inside comfortably.

Rainbow Cat Cave
Kristy A.
New kitty loves her felt cave

I bought the bed before I even had my cat. I saw another cat owner on Instagram with this same bed and it was cute and looked cozy, so I figured “why not?”

My new baby girl loves it and she’s in it constantly! It’s her little safe space to call her own as she adjusts to her new life. I also got her the felt mice….and she’s already playing with them and kick-scratching them.

You won’t regret buying this bed!

Our Cats Love It

We bought one bed to see if any of our five cats would like it. Yesterday we ordered a second bed because three of them rotate--if one gets up or out, the next one takes over. They also rotate between going inside the little cave and settling in on top of it. The cat in the picture is about 7 or 8 lbs., but our 10 lb. cat fits just as well, and the kitten is in heaven with all of the space she has to play in and on.I really hesitated to buy the cave because of the price and our cats' tendencies to ignore things like this, but they proved us wrong. They love this little cave!I haven't had to clean it yet, so I can't speak to that or its durability, but it seems very well made.

Pretty sure it's a hit.

Both teenage cats are snuggling inside it. The dog just tried to commandeer it and lay on the top. Great purchase!

They Love Their Caves

I have two Feltcave cat caves as Christmas gifts to my tuxedo sisters. They loved them! It was easy to shape them from their shipped flat to round shape. Jury’s still out on the included felt mouse.

Christmas hit!

My cat jumped in the cave the minute she found it under our Christmas tree! She loves it!

Great hideout

My cat seems happy in it! He loves to hide so this is a great option for him.

My picky cat loves it!

We were struggling to find somthing that our picky cat would enjoy. The secound he saw it, he jumped right in. I would highly recommend it. It's his new favorite place to be!

Cozy cat hideaway

A bit pricey but my two cats use it. Don't know how it will hold up in the long term since it has only been less than a month.

Very impressive

Plenty big for my 13 lb ragdoll. He loves it! The only downside is that the material can be a little softer but otherwise I love it.

Great product!

I have one cat that loves to hide (pictured) and now he is in his cave anytime I am looking for him. I am going to buy a second one because my other cat that doesn't normally hide has been trying to lay in it.

My big boy Rumi LOVES it

When we first got our cat, we got him a similar cave off Amazon (but it was cheaply made). It fell to pieces pretty quickly lol. I decided to upgrade his cave this Christmas and he INSTANTLY took to it. No joke, the material of the feltcave is so thick and soft, and I love the color blend (we got aquamaroon). He also loved the bonus mouse!! Rumi is gonna get a lot of use out of this :) I’m legit gonna recommend feltcave to all my cat owning friends!!

Cat loved it right away and the little mouse too

Cat took to it right away, the mouse was so cute! He also loved that. My dog was highly interested as well.

Our "Grand-cat" in Ohio seems to love it!

Cat approved

My cat loves this thing. Since its arrival yesterday, she has been really enjoying it as a place to both play and sleep.

Cats love it!

I have a cat who loves to sleep and hide under the covers, so I thought that the FeltCave would be perfect for him...and it is! It's super cozy and deep enough for my Salem to feel like he's hiding. His sister, who's probably about 20lbs (second picture), fits in there with no problem. They sometimes flatten it out when running around playing, but it literally takes 1 second to pop it back into shape. The green is a very beautiful, true green color. Your cats will love it!

New cat home

More fun than paper bags. Only had it a few days, but he seems to enjoy crawling into it and sleeping.

Aquamaroon Cat Cave
ReFresh C.S.
Our cat loves it! She also loves the free mouse so we ordered more!

Thank you for the mouse! Our cat loves it! We ordered more !

Irresistible to cats, satisfying need to chase, bite, and tear.

The wool felt is tightly woven so it resists tearing and pulling. Our cats love to bite it and tear at it with their claws and teeth, pulling the felt out. It takes awhile before the mice are unrecognizable. They are a great value toy.


Like many cat owners, I've purchased multiple toys, scratching posts, and beds only to have my offerings casually rejected by the intended recipient. The feltcave bed was an instant success! I simply placed it in one of her regular sleeping spots and she moved in immediately, no introductory treats required. I bought the large size for my large-size cat (16 lbs--not a Maine Coon, not at all fat, just a big girl). I am so pleased to have finally gotten one right!

Rainbow Cat Cave
He has loved it from day one

Well made. Cute and he has loved it from day one. Would definitely recommend and buy again!


Got this cave for my ragdoll cause she's pretty picky with her stuff and doesn't like if my other cat used her stuff. It came with a mouse and I don't know if they put any catnip on it but all I know is that she went nuts! She is in love with the mouse. I also sprayed the cave with catnip and she was rubbing herself on it and couldn't get enough of it! It's also big enough for a vc large cat. Highly recommend it


Our human got us a FeltCave and we absolutely LOVE it!! My sister and I agreed on choosing this AQUAMAROON color. IT’S SO BIG INSIDE!! We both can fit at the same time comfortably! Officially our new favorite spot to nap! ~ Honey and Tinky ✨