Where are the Cat Caves made?
Our Cat Caves areĀ hand crafted in Nepal.

What do I do if the hole is too small for my cat?
You can easily cut the hole largerĀ with a sharp pair of scissors.

How are the Cat Caves made?
Our Cat Caves are made by hand from 100% natural wool, they go through a procces of hand-felting, and are left outside to sun-dry. For more info check ourĀ "How It's Made"Ā page.

Do I need to place a cushion at the bottom of my Cat Cave?
The Cat Cave is thick and soft enough, so there is no need for a cushion. It is possible to place a blanket or cushion inside, if you still want to.

Can dogs use the Cat Cave too?
Your dog can use the cave as long asĀ he is under 20 pounds.